Audrey Hsieh stars in the Netflix film “Mixtape.”

Hsieh, plays the role of her soon to be best friend and neighbor, “Ellen.” A quirky, fun loving and fashionable friend in the trio group. A quirky, fun loving and fashionable friend in the trio group. The coming of age film centers on a 12 year old orphan girl, who is played by Gemma Brooke Allen. sets out on a journey to track down all the songs on a broken mixtape she accidentally destroys, which belonged to her teen mom. This particular incident renews the bond with her grandmother, who is played by the amazing Julie Bowen. Mixtape also stars Olga Petsa, Nick Thune, Jackson Rathbone and many others. Mixtape released on December 3rd, 2021 on Netflix.

This 17 year old is making a splash in the entertainment industry. You might recognize her from the most current starring role in the film, “Here Today.” Audrey plays the adopted granddaughter to the incredible Billy Crystal. A comedy that focuses on the unlikely friendship between a singer and a veteran comedy writer, played by Tiffany Haddish. It shows a beautiful story that friendship can be at any age and/or gender gaps, with different backgrounds, which also led Audrey to learn about the Jewish faith and Hebrew scriptures. She learned about the Torah through Billy Crystal as the Rabbi.

She was also seen in the short horror film “Stay Awake” which was an official selection at the Los Angeles International Film Festival in 2020. She made her television debut in season 9 of CBS’ long running procedural crime drama television series “Criminal Minds.”

Audrey, from Taiwanese roots, grew up in Irvine, CA with her fraternal twin. Audrey started acting at a young age, but has many other passions that include digital painting and drawing, playing games like League of Legends and Genshin Impact, fine arts and fashion. She has a desire to go to college and learn how to animate.