Photo Courtesy of Sela Shiloni

Whenever You’re Ready!!!! 

A Fitting title of the finale episode of NBC’s “The Good Place”

William Jackson Harper who played  “CHIDI” for 4 seasons on The Good Place is Ready, although bittersweet to welcome the next chapter and take on more.
At a recent press roundtable at NBC Universal, William Jackson Harper talked about his journey and what’s next for the actor. 10 Years ago if you would have asked WJH if he knew he would be where he is now, the answer would probably be no. Before there was “CHIDI” on The Good Place, there was WJH living in New York doing theatre, and wanting more from his career. William knew what he needed to do, so he set out on a long “Journey” a word in which he says describes the last decade of his life. The Journey proved to be long and often uncertain, but he kept going and eventually he landed on “The Good Place” his biggest career achievement thus far.
When one door closes another one opens, and behind the door of his next chapter Harper wants to take on more challenging roles, roles that are unlike himself or anything he’s done in the past. When asked who he’d like to work with, his dream team consists of some heavy hitters including LaKeith Stanfield, Brian Tyree Henry, Sterling K. Brown, and here’s an exclusive….. he would love to work with the cast of Atlanta, soooo Atlanta if you’re reading this. Williams says “I want to work with people I can learn from”, and with talent like this, he’s sure to learn a thing or two, or three.  
As The Good Place comes to an end, WJH reflects on what he will miss most about the show “The cast and crew, and working with them everyday”, however he won’t miss those early morning call times. Harper is currently working on a project that still has him up and at em, Some Things Never Change……. 
On what he’s learned on his Journey the past 10 years, he says “he’s learned that he’s enough”. He wants to be known and remembered as an honest artist, and he just wants to put out good into the world. Sigh……we will definitely miss “CHIDI” but we can’t wait to see what William Jackson Harper does next. 
Until Then You Can Catch The Finale Episode  Of The Good Place Thursday 1/20 on NBC (check your local listings).