Tom & Jerry comes on the heels of a massive winter storm in Texas, and not to mention we are all still in the middle of a pandemic. If you’re looking to laugh non stop, feel like a kid again and for a moment escape everything happening around the world, this movie is for you.

The remake centers around “Kayla” played by Chloe Grace Moretz as she so hilariously tries to get Tom to get rid of Jerry all to prove herself at her new big job at a swanky New York City Hotel, but only time will tell if she’s successfulI. We spoke to both Chloe and director Tim Story, The Best Man, Shaft about what it took to bring these characters together.

Chloe wows in her performance, with an undeniable combination of both physical and witty comedy reminiscent of Lucille Ball. Shot in 2019 which feels like many moons ago, Chloe talks about what it was like to portray “Kayla” pulling inspiration from “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” and what it was like working pre pandemic.

Director Tim Story, who grew up on the show speaks to the task of taking this classic and remaking it to feel fresh yet familiar. Set in New York it was important to have the right soundtrack, Tim talks about the importance of the music in the film and the creative process from script to screen. From chasing each other around the house, to now chasing each other around a hotel, with more space expect more mayhem from these frenemies! You will have to tune in to see this story we all know and love while also rooting and falling for new characters.

Tom & Jerry will be available in theaters and on HBO Max beginning February 26th.