Written By: Nakia Richardson

We had the opportunity to interview the cast of the brand new movie The Craft: Legacy. Fans of the first Craft may think this is a reboot but it’s far from that, it’s a continuation of the 1996 version.  Written and directed by Zoe Lister-Jones the Craft Legacy follows four teenage witches Cailee Spaeny ( Lily), Lovie Simone ( Tabby) , Zoey Luna ( Lourdes) , and Gideon Adlon ( Frankie) who discover the true meaning of friendship, sisterhood and untapped magic powers. 

During the interview the girls talk about filling the shoes of the legendary movie that came before them and how a new generation would be able to relate to both.  At times when there is news about bringing back an old movie or television show, fans can be skeptical but If you are  a fan of the OG Craft, you will not be disappointed in the Craft legacy! The girls also talked about the importance of their chemistry and bonding on set and how fun it was for them to work on such a magical set. 

The Craft: Legacy premieres on demand Oct. 28.