Shareza J. Files Civil Lawsuit Against Dorian Wilkerson and Releases New Book “Successful Women Get Played Too”

Shareza J. Files Civil Lawsuit Against Dorian Wilkerson and Releases New Book "Successful Women Get Played Too"

If you are familiar with the story of John Mehan (Dirty John on Netflix) and The Tinder Swindler, then it is imperative that you learn Shareza Jackson’s (also known as Shareza J.) story. The 2x best-selling author released her third book “Successful Women Get Played Too,” to help bring awareness to others. She explains her story in detail of being scammed by her ex-husband Dorian Wilkerson. Since then, multiple women have written to her stating the same has happened to them.

“I went from working my way up as a teen mom and owning the only black-owned surgery center in Miami to losing everything and being left in nearly $1.5M in debt,” said Jackson. “He is a professional at what he does and seemingly able to get away with it for nearly 20 years.”

Despite making several complaints with local authorities, Jackson said there have been no repercussions for Wilkerson. More importantly, he falsely claimed to be an Internal Medicine Emory Trained Medical Doctor and is now believed to be posing as an expert in dentistry. It wasn’t until 6 years into her marriage that she learned he was arrested in 2002 for fraud and that she was his 4th wife, not his second as she was told by him.

Jackson and Wilkerson grew up in the same neighborhood in the early 90s. They didn’t know much about each other but reconnected at a funeral in 2014. By 2014, Jackson was already a published author and an Executive in Corporate America. She had successfully defied the odds as the youngest and only African-American woman in a high-ranked position within her company. She worked her way up from being a teen mom with 2 daughters by the age of 19.

She was a single parent at the time but worked hard to become a homeowner and owned 2 luxury vehicles. During this time she began communicating with Wilkerson on Facebook romantically. Wilkerson claimed he was currently working for the CDC as an epidemiologist as well as working at Emory Hospital in the ER as a Medical Doctor. Jackson and Wilkerson married in 2016 and it wasn’t until 2023 when she filed for divorce that she was not only left with $1.5 worth of debit but that Wilkerson lied about his medical position and experience.

“He was never a doctor in anything related to medicine or CDC,” said Jackson. “He also never worked at Emory Hospital and is currently on probation for fraud.”

Successful Women Get Played Too,” focuses on if the tables were turned. Not only are Successful Women being targeted but they are being used, swindled, and left in debt only to find themselves ashamed, broken, and never to trust again. Shareza shed light on this in her book which is now available.

Successful Women Get Played Too
Successful Women Get Played Too

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