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10 K-pop Idols Who Take Their Modeling Careers Very Seriously

by Diana Wilson

In the dynamic world of K-pop, where idols often wear many hats, several artists have carved out significant niches as models, showcasing their versatility and dedication to their craft. Among these multi-talented individuals, a few stand out for their commitment to their modeling careers, often landing major endorsements and gracing the covers of prestigious fashion magazines.

Ningning of Aespa

Ningning, the powerhouse vocalist of Aespa, has been turning heads not just with her vocal talent but also with her striking visual presence. Her unique look and bold fashion sense have made her a favorite among designers, leading to numerous high-profile modeling gigs. Ningning’s ability to embody different styles and aesthetics has made her a sought-after figure in the fashion industry, reflecting her dedication to her modeling career.

Ahyeon of Babymonster

As a member of the rookie group Babymonster, Ahyeon has quickly established herself as a promising talent in both music and modeling. Her fresh and youthful appearance, coupled with her confident demeanor, has earned her several endorsement deals. Ahyeon’s serious approach to modeling, including rigorous training and a keen interest in fashion, highlights her determination to excel in this field.

Sunwoo of The Boyz

Sunwoo of The Boyz is another idol who takes his modeling career seriously. Known for his sharp features and charismatic stage presence, Sunwoo has become a favorite among fashion photographers and brands. His versatility in adapting to various fashion concepts has made him a prominent figure in both domestic and international fashion scenes.

Jennie of Blackpink

Jennie from Blackpink is a household name not just in the K-pop industry but also in the world of fashion. As a global ambassador for major luxury brands like Chanel, Jennie has demonstrated a profound commitment to her modeling career. Her sophisticated style and innate elegance have cemented her status as a fashion icon, influencing trends and inspiring fans worldwide.

Joy of Red Velvet

Joy of Red Velvet has made significant strides in her modeling career, showcasing her talent beyond the music stage. Known for her vibrant personality and stunning visuals, Joy has worked with numerous fashion brands and appeared in various editorial shoots. Her dedication to modeling is evident in her ability to seamlessly transition between different looks and styles, making her a versatile and reliable model.

Eric of The Boyz

Eric, another member of The Boyz, is known for his boyish charm and photogenic looks. His dedication to modeling is apparent in his frequent collaborations with fashion magazines and brands. Eric’s serious approach to his modeling assignments, including his attention to detail and willingness to experiment with different styles, underscores his commitment to this aspect of his career.

YooA (Soloist)

YooA, formerly of Oh My Girl and now a successful soloist, has also made a name for herself in the modeling world. Her ethereal beauty and unique sense of style have garnered her numerous modeling opportunities. YooA’s commitment to her modeling career is reflected in her professionalism and the diverse range of projects she undertakes, from high-fashion editorials to commercial endorsements.

Asa of Babymonster

Asa, a member of the emerging group Babymonster, is quickly gaining recognition for her modeling potential. Her distinct look and strong stage presence have caught the attention of the fashion industry. Asa’s serious approach to modeling, including her dedication to learning and improving her skills, marks her as a rising star to watch.

Jisoo of Blackpink

Jisoo of Blackpink is not only an accomplished singer but also a prominent figure in the fashion world. As a global ambassador for Dior, Jisoo has shown an unwavering commitment to her modeling career. Her grace, elegance, and ability to connect with the camera have made her a favorite among designers and photographers, solidifying her status as a top model.

Pharita of Babymonster

Pharita, another talented member of Babymonster, is making waves with her modeling endeavors. Her striking visuals and poised demeanor have led to numerous modeling opportunities, even in the early stages of her career. Pharita’s dedication to her modeling career is evident in her work ethic and her ability to adapt to various fashion concepts with ease.

These idols exemplify the blend of talent and hard work that defines success in both the K-pop and fashion industries. Their serious approach to modeling not only enhances their personal brands but also sets new standards for what it means to be a multi-faceted artist in today’s entertainment landscape.

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