AOC Slams ‘Shameful’ US Veto of UN Ceasefire Resolution in Israel-Hamas War

AOC Slams 'Shameful' US Veto of UN Ceasefire Resolution in Israel-Hamas War

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) blasted President Joe Biden’s administration for supporting what she called the “indiscriminate bombing of Gaza” following the US veto of a UN resolution urging a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel.

In a recent United Nations Security Council vote, the United States voted alone against a resolution proposed by the United Arab Emirates. The resolution called for an immediate ceasefire, the release of hostages, and the provision of humanitarian aid to Gaza. AOC lamented the US veto on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, calling it “shameful.”

“The Biden Admin can no longer reconcile their professed concern for Palestinians and human rights while also single-handedly vetoing the UN’s call for a ceasefire and sidestepping the entire US Congress to unconditionally back the indiscriminate bombing of Gaza,” AOC emphasized.

The U.S. was the sole vote against the resolution, with the United Kingdom abstaining. Despite support from 13 Council members, U.S. Deputy Ambassador Robert Wood justified the decision, citing a “rushed process” in drafting the resolution and a lack of appropriate consultation. He claimed that nearly all U.S. recommendations were ignored, resulting in an “imbalanced resolution divorced from reality.”

While the White House and President Biden expressed support for humanitarian pauses in the conflict between Palestine and Israel, they refrained from endorsing a ceasefire, maintaining solidarity with Israel as a key U.S. ally. The administration reiterated its call for Israel to take precautions to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza.

The Working Families Party’s ceasefire tracker reveals that 61 members of Congress, including AOC and other squad members such as Representatives Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar, and Ayanna Pressley, have called for a halt to the war.

The U.S. government’s stance has stirred criticism for perceived inconsistencies between its professed concern for human rights and its actions on the international stage.

The situation in the region remains complex, with ongoing diplomatic efforts and calls for a negotiated peace process to address the longstanding conflict between Palestine and Israel.

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