Fans of YG Entertainment’s rookie girl group BABYMONSTER may celebrate as the group makes a victorious return with their debut mini-album, “BABYMONS7ER,” and its title hit, “SHEESH.”

The comeback, which debuted at midnight KST, represents a watershed moment for the group because it reunites all seven members on stage. Ahyeon, who was unable to participate in the group’s debut and the release of their second single owing to health issues, has finally made her long-awaited return, completing the lineup.

The title single, “SHEESH,” has already received notice due to its infectious sounds and appealing tune. Notably, TREASURE’s Choi Hyun Suk helped the composition process by co-writing both the music and the words. With his cooperation, viewers can expect a merger of skills from two of YG Entertainment’s most promising groups.

The accompanying music video for “SHEESH” promises to fascinate spectators with visually spectacular sceneries and powerful choreography, demonstrating the group’s variety and growth since its debut.

As BABYMONSTER’s latest release approaches, fans are flooding social media with words of excitement and support. The return of Ahyeon, paired with the group’s indisputable talent and creative effort with Choi Hyun Suk, paved the way for a successful comeback.

With “BABYMONS7ER” now available, fans and music lovers alike are urged to listen to BABYMONSTER’s latest release and watch the progress of one of K-pop’s most promising female groups.

For those anxious to experience the enchantment of “SHEESH,” the music video is now available to watch guaranteeing a fantastic visual and audio experience.

Stay tuned for further updates on BABYMONSTER’s journey as they continue to make their imprint on the K-pop world via their talent, passion, and dedication to their craft.

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