Black Ink Crew: Chicago’s Charmaine Walker Calls For VH1 to Fire Co-Star Lily for Racist Comments

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Charmaine Walker of Black Ink Crew: Chicago is a force to be reckoned with. Not only is she one of the sassy stars of the show, but Charmaine is also a leading lady in her own right, expanding her career beyond the T.V. including being a radio host and women’s rights advocate.


Growing up, Charmaine experienced various challenges with racism and those experiences taught her to always be a champion for those that are disadvantaged. Taking an interest in topics like slavery and racism, Charmaine enrolled into the prestigious historically Black college (HBCU – U is University), Howard University.

Charmaine has raised her voice to call for the firing of fellow, Mexican-American co-star Lily for her continued use of the sensitive “N- word.” Lily has used the word repeatedly on camera (of course, the expletive was muted) and she is adamant about being able to exercise her free speech right, but it raises the question, do non-Black people of color get a pass for using the derogatory slur? If you ask Charmaine, the answer is “No.”

In a city not far from Chicago (just four hours in fact), two Cincinnati Police Officers have recently come under fire after being caught using the “N-word” on body cam video. The Cincinnati Police Department is currently undergoing an investigation and the two cops in question have been reassigned to desk jobs, but for activists in the city, that isn’t enough.

We’re not sure if VH1 has addressed Charmaine’s concerns but the topic is a very sensitive one that thanks to the vocal Charmaine isn’t only being addressed in the real world, but also in the reality T.V. realm.

Do you believe that Lily’s use of the “N-Word” is inappropriate? Should she be fired by VH1? Let us know in the comments below.





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