Blake Griffin Is Lana Rhoades Alleged Baby Daddy?

Blake Griffin and Lana Rhoades

A photo of the former adult film star Lana Rhodes with her baby went viral after people noticed he resembles Boston Celtics player Blake Griffin.

Rhoades went sneaker shopping with Cool Kicks on their latest Youtube video. The video starts with Rhoades saying, “don’t have a kid with an NBA player.” Later in the Youtube video, Rhoades says, “I guess I am a hooper. I did have NBA DNA in me for eight months” before attempting a shot to get 1000 dollars off the shoes she buys at the store.

Rhoades’s child’s father’s identity has been kept under wraps but she has been insinuating that he’s a deadbeat dad on social media. From the Cool Kicks YouTube video, many online suspects that Blake Griffin is the father.

Who do you think is Lana Rhoades’ baby daddy?

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