BluePrint Heads to Ohio with NFL’s Braxton Miller to Disrupt Non-Profits by Handing a $45,000 Check


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Cleveland Browns W.R. Braxton Miller headed back home to Ohio with the purpose of making a lot of noise on the field and in the community. Following their model on “Community Philanthropy, Digital Storytelling, and Financial Sustainability”; they recently partnered with NFL wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles.

Braxton Miller and a youth ministry called “InsideOut” in his hometown. In bluePrint’s social disruption campaign with Braxton, they donated $50,000 to “Inside Out”.The documentary that followed this story is set to release September 23, 2019.

Braxton recently partnered with the powerhouse organization bluePrint in hopes of increasing the value of his hometown with a more authentic hands-on approach to making a change. To see and learn more about the project in-depth, bluePrint will be releasing docu-style footage that showcases from the project’s beginnings. The footage will be available at, the brand’s YouTube channel, and social media platforms on bluePrint Instagram page.

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