Celebrity Hairstylist Cliff Vmir is Taking the Rap Industry by Storm

Celebrity hairstylist Cliff Vmir has been doing big things since he was a teen. In his youth, being a stylist was a dream and despite hardships, Vmir was able to make his dream a reality. From making his first million by the age of 19, to working with some of the hottest names in the industry like Cardi B and more, this hairstylist turned rapper has new goals that he’s looking to accomplish. After mastering one industry, Vmir is making his debut in music – focusing on a new career as a rapper. Putting his own creativity and edgy style into his craft, Vmir is here and is breaking barriers while proving that he is more than just a ‘hairstylist.’

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Growing up, Vmir knew he loved doing hair, even though his father didn’t approve of it. Finding his footing in Atlanta gave him the push that he needed to catapult his brand and solidify his legacy. Where is the Buzz got a chance to talk to Cliff Vmir about his journey to success.

WITB: What role did music play in being a creative outlet for you alongside being a stylist and how has music helped you overcome some of the obstacles you faced when you were younger?

CV: Music started helping me after I got kind of bored with hair. Hair was very therapeutic for me, but there became a point where being a hairstylist brought me a lot of stress. It just was a lot going on for me – so I needed something more therapeutic. So I started writing and practicing, and all of those things that I was going through (parents breaking up, father disowning him, being robbed, etc) I put into music. Once I got into the studio, it felt so good to just relieve it over a beat – and that’s really how I got into music.

WITB: Coming from one creative field to another, does that fuel you as a visionary in any way? Also, what lessons has being a stylist taught you that transcend into your music career?

CV: I feel like from being a hairstylist, we have to stay on top of trends. We are literally the people that set trends and keep it real with you – we know what works. As I started writing and delivering, I thought of it the same as hair. I had to really study music and the craft. I put the same energy that I put into hair into my music – it’s a little Philly, Jersey, Atlanta – it’s just me, with my little attitude and silliness!

WITB: As an advocate for the LGBT community, do you feel that that adds a sense of pressure to your music. Do you feel pressured to make sure that the voice of your community is heard?

CV: I feel like there is triple pressure on me. First off, I’m gay – you know I wear the wigs and the makeup and I’m a man. So that’s the first set of pressure. Secondly, I’m a hairstylist so trying to get people to take me serious and know that I’m a rapper and I’m here to stay is more pressure. And, I’m a new rapper – so I have to prove myself times three. I have to show people that I’m here to stay and I don’t care what people say. When it comes to me putting on for the LGBT community, that’s another thing – I have to go extra hard. We don’t have any MAJOR rappers from our community so a lot of us are just trying to kick that door down.

WITB: Your new single “Get Money” ft. Cuban Doll is really like a testament to the rise of your success and how you’ve gotten your coins. I mean you were doing big things since you were a teenager. So, what other themes can your fans expect on your new project?

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CV: Well, in my projects and in any of my songs, I try to make them as relatable as possible. I put everyday, real-life situations into my music. I remember someone tried to steal something that I was working on via social media, so I told my friend, “these hoes be trying to mess with power moves and my winnings.” My friend said, “where is that from?” And, I said, “that’s from one of my songs.” So, I have a song literally about anything.

WITB: So when you created this new project, was there any experience that make you say “this is it!”?

CV: I used to rap back when I was nine-years-old, but I was really shy. But, when I turned 18 and I just felt like nothing was enough. Since I studied music so much, there would be times when I would be in the studio and I would never think it was good enough – I’m very hard on myself. So, I know that everything on this project is a banger! It’s real rap and real bars.

WITB: Your work ethic is so unmatched by a lot of people in a lot of industries. You have an incredible drive. What’s the secret? How do you keep topping one success after another?

CV: It’s not really a secret, the thing is I remember my whole life, I always had to prove myself to people. I had to tell people who questioned my sexuality what I was or wasn’t. I used to always say I was going to do hair and be a celebrity hairstylist, and I always had to prove myself to people. So I worked hard. I’d never put my name on something unless I was going to really do it. I also think about my family. Me and my mom and grandmother are really close, so my mom is my cheerleader. She’s so proud that I’m only 21 and doing all that I’m doing. I want to set an example for younger people. They might be in the streets, in the LGBT community, or whatever who might not feel like they have anyone supporting them and that they have to get their money anyway they can. I want to show them that you can have your dreams but you have to work hard for them.

WITB: BET Networks is doing their first digital series on your rise in the hair industry to becoming a rapper. And, this is big because its their first digital series. This is another part of your success and a major accomplishment. What do you want the takeaway to be from the new series?

CV: I want viewers to really see me and see what’s behind the scenes. I battle with people everyday about my sexuality and people telling me I need to stick to doing hair. So, this is definitely going to show people that I’m a boss and that I’m very determined. I’m taking risks and I’m prospering so they’ll see it all. Stay tuned!

You can check out episode one of “Wig Out” here. Let us know in the comments below what you think! Cliff Vmir will be releasing his debut EP in February that will be available on all streaming services.

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