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Dark Phoenix: Movie Review

by Wayne Ayers
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Dark Phoenix starts off in the 1970s with a young Jean Grey who’s trying to control her powers after the tragedy that took place.

Fast forward to 1992, and on one of her first missions as an X-Woman, she is sent up on the X-Jet, along with the scarlet-haired hellion Mystique (Jennifer Lawrence), Cyclops (Tye Sheridan) in his Bono wraparounds, the chivalrous Beast (Nicholas Hoult), the fearsome Storm (Alexandra Shipp), and all the rest of them. Their job is to save the astronauts who are traveling on the maiden flight of the Space Shuttle Endeavor.

The astronauts ship is stuck in space spinning around and around because they are trapped in some sort of space force while a (solar flare) is headed their direction. The X-Men rescue everybody from the ship besides the astronauts captain. After the X-Men fail to save the captain, Jean took matter into her own hands, while trying to stall time for Nightcrawler to get the captain out from the ship. Jean eventually absorbs the solar flare and ends up getting stronger from the blast.

Jean has become so powerful that they can’t even measure her power level and Professor X can’t even see what’s going on in her mind. Dark Phoenix the 12th movie to feature the X-Men (that’s counting the two “Deadpool” films), and will most likely be the last installment of the franchise since Disney recently bought Fox Studios for $71.3 billion dollars. We should be expecting a X-Men and Avengers crossover in the Avengers 5th saga because they already had the 4th saga established before the purchase of Fox Studios.

Dark Phoenix had some good fight scenes. The build and preparation for the fight scenes were actually great. There was no humor in the film really everything was very tense and strict. The final 30 minutes was very solid. In most superhero movies we see how the character receives their power during the build up. Simon Kinberg, the writer and director for this film does the exact opposite which was a great idea for Jean Grey. He uses Jean Grey power to tell the story of her character development throughout the X-Men series.

When the Phoenix enters Jean in space her power rises and she starts gaining full control of her memory which led to all the tragic memories from her childhood and an unexpected turn in the movie. Jean seek vengeance and really became negligent which led to unexpected killing to one of our favorite superhero’s in X-Men.

After that tragedy Jean reaches out to an old friend to see how she can control her powers to make sure she doesn’t hurt nobody again but when she couldn’t get a grip on it then she was exiled.

Jessica Chastain plays the Vuk, an alien shapeshifter who resembles an albino replicant and tries to enlist the alienated Jean in helping her to take over the planet. She really wants to use and comfort Jean so she can obtain her new Phoenix power and create a new world of evil.

The final scene of the movie takes place on a speeding train were the X-Men and Magneto are being locked up for causing so damage in the city. Evil approaches the train to take the rest of Jean Phoenix power. Everybody puts aside their differences and works together to safe themselves and the rest of the planet.

The extraordinary cast and filmmakers of Dark Phoenix celebrate the World Premiere in Hollywood.

We didn’t get to speak with any of the film makers on the red carpet but we spoke to Marvel Cloak & Dagger Olivia Holt about Dark Phoenix and the rest of the Marvel universe.


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