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Murder Mystery Review: Funniest Couple Movie of the Summer

by Wayne Ayers
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Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler reunite to create the funniest, thrilling, and action couple movie of the summer in Murder Mystery. The movie takes you around the globe for this great experience. This is great direction to move in for a huge summer for Netflix Originals. Black Mirror season five returned in the beginning of June and Strangers Things season 3 returns on the 4th of July. This is great movie to put into between these classic shows to keep the flow going.

Nick Spitz (Adam Sandler) is Sargent for the NYPD who’s trying to be a detective. Sandler fails the detective test a couple of times. The unfortunate thing is he told his wife he’s a detective which he’s not. Audrey Spitz (Jennifer Aniston) is a hairdresser. The two have been married for 15 years and they still haven’t took their honeymoon trip to Europe. Audrey calls Nick out about it on their anniversary. Which guilts Nick into paying for a vacation he really can’t afford.

While flying coach to Europe, Audrey wonders her way into first class where she meets Charles Cavendish (Luke Evans) who’s rich uncle is having a yacht party. Nick wakes up from his nap on the plane and heads towards first class to do the weirdest strangest confronting of all time.

After the plane ride they had the option to head to the yacht party or go on their tourist bus tour. They took the smart route and went with Charles to the yacht. When they arrive on the boat they meet Charles close friends and family. The movie really begins when billionaire Malcolm Quince (Terence Stamp) arrives in style just to gather them all in a room to embarrass them all. Right before Malcolm was going to screw them all the lights went out and when they turn back on he was dead.

Audrey and Nick were the suspects of the crime because they had no relations to Malcolm and he was so close to everybody else on the boat but a wise person once said “it be your own family that does wrong by you.” Nick and Audrey must find the real murderer to clear their name before they get locked up forever.

The writer James Vanderbilt does a phenomenal job to make the movie unpredictable when it gets to the clutch part of the film. He also displayed the truth in real marriages. Some marriages you start of great and then you hit some lows which leads to betrayal and then you come together to work everything out because that’s true love.

After Malcolm Quince dies the movie really gets intense. James gets into the depths of characters motives to kill Malcolm. He keep us on our toes when he starts killing off the characters who have the most to gain from Malcolm death.

Audrey and Nick eventually wind it down to the people who weren’t killed yet but right when they think they have the right person an unexpected turn happens. Which ultimately leads to a chase to get the case closed.

The movie was a solid film if you are looking to watch a comedic action pack film. It also leaves it’s open for a possible sequel with these two icons.

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Jennifer spoke about it at the Murder Mystery press conference at the Marina Del Rey Ritz-Carlton on Tuesday (June 10th). A reporter asked if we will see a continuation of Audrey and Nick.

MALE AUDIENCE MEMBER: Obviously we’ve all seen the film. So no spoilers anyway. But so I’m watching. It gets to the end of the film. And I went, I would love to see the continuing adventures of Nick and Audrey. How much fun? How much would you love to see? This could be like the start of… right?

KYLE NEWACHECK: Oh yeah. That would be cool.

LUIS GERARDO MÉNDEZ: I’m going to be in a wheelchair. I would love that.

KYLE NEWACHECK: You’re in a wheelchair and you’re a good guy now.

LUIS GERARDO MÉNDEZ: Being [INDISCERNIBLE] in the wheelchair. That would be fun.

JENNIFER ANISTON: We could go into a business together. I think you really were impressed [INDISCERNIBLE].

DANY BOON: Of course. Yeah.

LUIS GERARDO MÉNDEZ: Yeah, at the end.

DANY BOON: I’m a bit of a detective now.

JENNIFER ANISTON: And this will be done through France.

DANY BOON: Well said.


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