Did Chrisean Rock Leak Her Sex Tape With BlueFace?

Chrisean Rock

Chrisean Rock and Blueface need to stay far away from each other because one of them is going to kill the other one if this keeps up.

A video of Blueface with another woman in bed surfaced on the internet. Which took the internet by storm, and Rock had to speak on the situation.

She let the world know that she was single and proceeded to leak her sex tape with Blueface on her Instagram story.

Yesterday, Rock revealed she almost went to jail after catching Blueface cheating on her again. She jumped on Instagram live and admitted that she and Blueface had a heated argument about him cheating. Rock says, “I almost went to jail, yo. I swear to God,” she said while sitting in a restaurant with friends. “I broke everything in my hotel room in front of that nigga.”

Rock also spoke about damaging the hotel they were staying at together. She says, “I broke the TV, the window,” she continued. “He had to run from that hotel to another.” Rock believes Blueface is still messing with his baby mother and other side pieces.

Rock took his phone and started answering all his calls on Instagram live. While on the live, Blueface baby mother, Jaidyn Alexis, called his phone to see if her son was okay. The two exchanged words with each other. Rock revealed the face of Jaidyn’s newborn baby.

After all of this Chrisean Rock went on Twitter to let the world know that she is never leaving him.

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