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Donald Trump responds to LeBron James interview with Don Lemon on CNN with a retweet at midnight. LeBron told CNNs, Don Lemon that “Donald Trump is using sports to divide the country.” That’s an accurate statement. When Colin Kaepernick was peacefully protesting the national anthem because of police brutality and injustices in America. Donald Trump flipped it and made a lot of people think Kaepernick was protesting our troops.

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This week LeBron opened a school “I Promise” for hundreds of at-risk kids in Akron, Ohio. While Donald Trump’s education secretary attempts to undo college loan forgiveness for students who were “knowingly deceived” by their schools and rolls back Obama-era guidelines on discrimination in schools.

Imagine taking shots at LeBron after what he did this week.

While LeBron James sends hundreds of kids to school Donald Trump plots on how to keep thousands of kids away from their parents.

LeBron was told to “shut up and dribble.” Instead he opened a school. And he tells me he has no regrets about critizing Donald Trump: “For someone to try to divide us by using our platform of sport? Sport has given me everything I could ever ask for – I couldn’t let that happen”

LeBron has been nothing but sensational is whole life. With no father….no education….no training….and very few role models…..they handed this young dirt poor kid $420,000 per week, at the age of 18!

Married his high school sweetheart. Never arrested. Never used drugs. Never humiliated his spouse with side women stories. No outside babies. Never in the news with so much as a parking ticket. Excellent father. Heavily involved with his kid’s activities. Greatest player on the PLANET.

Now he has build a school for his kids in his hometown to make sure they have better opportunities later on in life. If you have anything negative to say about LeBron James, you’re just a hater.

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