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Drake OVO brand is becoming a power house in fashion. I guess when Drake said he gave “Oliver El-Khabib the owl and told him to brand it for me,” Well Oli North did his job. Drake released his Scorpion album earlier in June. He is currently on tour with the migos right now.

Drake is in his bag. He’s making a good amount of money from his album, touring, and endorsement deals. Now you can add his fashion to his bag. According to Business of Fashion, The Torontonian’s fashion brand, OVO (October’s Very Own) is projected to earn $50 Million in sales before the end of the year. In the words of Drake’s business partner, Oliver El-Khatib, OVO was launched “out of necessity.”  El-Khatib told the publication, “There was a lot of traveling in different climates, so we needed practical, versatile garments that looked stylish while also being recognizable to security as well as at business meetings.” 

OVO produces some of the most highly coveted hoodies, T-shirts, sweatpants, and accessories. Prices for the OVO emblazoned gear can range anywhere from $12 to $168. OVO has also experienced immense success with collaborations it has done with Canada Goose and  Nike’s Jordan brand. Some of the more pricey and limited edition items such as a 24-karat gold hardware line and $5,000 black leather coat have been birthed from such collaborations. Canada Goose’s chief executive Dani Reiss told Business of Fashion, “Not all celebrity clothing lines work out,” but this was not at all the case with OVO. “Every collaboration we’ve done with OVO has been a strong success, and it often sell out in hours, if not minutes, across all of our channels.”

2018 is Drake biggest year of his career. Pretty much every year this decade has been Drake year. Drake has spent 30 weeks this year at number one on the Billboard charts, surpassing Usher who held the record at 28 weeks. Drake Scorpion also did over a billion streams in a week. Drake became the only artist to have three number one songs that spent over 10 weeks on the charts. Even though he lost a battle this year with Pusha-T. It looks like he has won the war with the rap game.

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