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The Rap God is back. Slim Shady has finally stand up. Eminem responds to MGK disses track called Rap Devil with new diss song called KILLSHOT. Eminem addressed pretty much everything MGK had to say on Rap Devil. He also named dropped Biggie, Jay-Z, Joe Budden, Iggy Azalea, Taylor Swift, and Diddy.

They have been going back and forth lately. This all started when MGK made a tweet talking about Eminem daughter Hailie. After that MGK hopped on a track called No Reasons with Tech N9ne to diss Eminem.

Em responded to those shots on his latest album Kamikaze. He dissed MGK on Not Alike by calling him a child Predator because at that time MGK was (21) and Hailie was (15). Eminem says,

But next time you don’t gotta use Tech N9ne

If you wanna come at me with a sub, Machine Gun

And I’m talkin’ to you, but you already know who the fuck you are, Kelly

I don’t use sublims and sure as fuck don’t sneak-diss

But keep commenting on my daughter Hailie

MGK released Rap Devil which had the world go crazy. The video had 50 million views within the first week. He mentioned how Eminem tried to blackballed him. Listen Below:

Eminem talked about MGK during an interview with Sway. Eminem didn’t know if he was going to reply to MGK diss track because he didn’t want to make MGK a bigger artist.

Today we got a response from Eminem. I think Eminem rolled this out perfectly to boost album sales. He knew everybody was waiting for a response. So he dropped a three part interview with Sway and a diss track.

Eminem diss was harsh but not career ending. It was a slight a jab if MGK makes a strategic move I think he could turn this into a good rap battle. Also the most mind blowing line of the song was the Diddy had Tupac killed. It was flip of a line when MGK said “he got all of his shit without Dre producing me,” so Eminem had a slick line for MGK boss. Em says,

Killshot, I will not fail, I’m with the Doc still
But this idiot’s boss pops pills and tells him he’s got skills
But, Kells, the day you put out a hit’s the day Diddy admits
That he put the hit out that got Pac killed

This line struck a nerve with Jay Electronica. Jay Electronica made a tweet for Eminem letting him know his other boss Jimmy Iovine made a profit from Pac death. Also let Eminem know he could get these bars.

Anyone who’s a real hip-hop fan knows Eminem might want to stay away from Jay Electronica. Jay Electronica is a lyrical genius and a elite wordsmith who can match Eminem bar for bar.

This is all interesting I can not wait to see how this plays out.

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