A video of an angry married woman beating an alleged naked prostitute in Thailand for over five minutes went viral on social media. The Thai prostitute was engaging in sexual activities with the woman’s husband.

The wife reportedly went to a massage parlor in Phuket, Thailand, to confront the sex worker about her sexual relationship with her husband after following her husband to the parlor. When the wife arrived, she discovered the sex worker sitting in a chair.
The married woman found out her husband was having an alleged affair with the woman after she discovered pictures of the alleged prostitute in his phone on January 25th.

When she confronted the alleged prostitute, the wife was standing over and ripped the towel off her, leaving her naked. She began to slap the young woman multiple times while trying to grab the woman’s phone.

Also, in the video, a variety of sex paraphernalia is seen in the background. The video featured used tissues, sex toys, and dirty mirrors got spotted.

Multiple outlets reported that an hour with one of the women who work at the parlor costs around £49 per hour.

The Mueang Phuket Provincial Police launched an investigation into the incident.

Watch the video down below.