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Beauty lies within the vision of the beholder, but even so, it takes time to manifest. We cannot rush our talents, for they will eventually make room for us. Meet 26-year-old Brittany Ann aka The Muse.


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Emerging from a city and state that lives its truth through massive measures (Houston, TX), Brittany aspired to pursue modeling and fashion. Brittany started her career in San Antonio, TX but last year became her breakthrough onto the catwalk. Since then, she’s built her narrative of being a model of art and substance. Brittany credits God as being the architect behind her efforts and she understands that modeling is an expression of life throughout all seasons.

Aside from modeling, Brittany disciplines herself through fitness and dance, and she works as a full-time middle school teacher.

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Photo Credit: @jraphaelphotos

Keep up with Brittany Ann through her social media channels and website.

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Instagram: @brt.ann

Twitter: @MuseBrittanyAnn


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