‘’I feel the need, the need for speed’! If you recognize that familiar saying, then you know how this is going to go!

Top Gun: Maverick is back-no seriously, it’s back! After first premiering 36 years ago, the cult classic is back for its wild ride for a sequel. We catch up with Pete “Maverick” Mitchell (Tom Cruise) as he is still in the Navy and still the same Maverick: not following the rules but doing everything that he believes in. Maverick finds himself back at Top Gun, training and teaching young pilots for an extensive mission. Maverick encounters problems as he is trying to adjust to his new life while being reminded of his past.

I had the opportunity to see the new Top Gun and I was blown away! `This is how you do a sequel” is exactly what I yelled as the credits rolled up. If you are a fan of the original, you will love the update. It’s refreshing and new, but they do an amazing job sprinkling in nostalgia from the OG film and reviving older storylines. While watching the new film I went through so many mixed emotions- I got the chills, I yelled, I cried, and I screamed! I felt like I was Maverick’s wingman or sitting in the plane with the pilots- that’s how exciting it was! (and I am afraid of flying)

I sat down with Jay Ellis (payback) and Jennifer Connolly (Penny Benjamin), two of the cast members from Top Gun: Maverick, and the same sentiment echoed through my interviews. They both talked about what we have all had for years: how caring and passionate Tom Cruise is in real life and onset. Jay talked about how real boot camp and training got because the pilots had to train by…. learning how to fly! Tom wanted to make sure everything looked and felt authentic on film and that’s exactly what came across while sitting in the movie theater.

I was so excited going into the theaters and walked out amazed and astonished, I was pleased, and I know you all will too! As someone who is not a fan of flying like myself, I left that theater ready to take flying lessons.

‘’ Top Gun: Maverick’’ will be released by Paramount Pictures Studios and is set to hit theaters on May 27, 2022!