Jorja Smith’s Try Me Music Video Surpasses 1 Million Views on YouTube

Jorja Smith’s Try Me Music Video Surpasses 1 Million Views on YouTube

Jorja Smith has made her highly anticipated return with her courageous and intense new single and music video for “Try Me,”- accessible on all streaming platforms. The music video has already surpassed a million views on YouTube.

“Putting yourself out there, in front of a world that has many opinions, as it only ever used to be me being my critic,” Jorja states on the single, “Try Me” is a catchy, drum-heavy sound produced by the duo DAMEDAME.

It has a stunning video directed by Amber Grace Johnson that is equally urgent and compelling. The structure of the video is cut up and collaged, perfectly reflecting the landscape it depicts—a place of beauty and danger, frustration, and tenacious resistance.

Jorja got seen lying and crawling softly in the moonlight as she prepares for battle in the opening scene of the film, which got filmed in the suburbs of Marseille, France.

This video is a metaphor through interpretive dance using the lyrics as our guide. It is a ritualistic game between Jorja and the world.

It foreshadows what’s to come in this new era. “The dancer, Andrea Bou Othmane, represents the world and its opinions outside of my control by embodying a bull,” Jorja explains.

Shortly after, a La Horde-inspired theatrical routine got performed in the Arles Amphitheatre; the scene alternates between strength and vulnerability while giving the song a symbolic interpretation.

The viewer is then taken to a change in tone to conclude. An unexpectedly tender and new scene appear. They come down after the fight, disarmed and gently, showing a successful defeat. The video got inspired by musician Charlotte Moorman’s 1965 human cello.

Jorja got one of the most powerful voices in music today, writing at a pitch of intensity and urgency that few can match. Since the release of her critically acclaimed debut album ‘Lost & Found,’ five and a half years ago, Jorja has received unwavering acclaim for her evocative songwriting, potent delivery, unadulterated emotion, and unbridled talent as a young woman finding her way in the world. The year 2021 saw the end of Jorja’s musical hiatus.

The interim project she is working on while she recovers from the sensation that was ‘Lost & Found’ and ‘Be Right Back.’ Playing, jamming, free-styling, and hearing out what Jorja had been on the verge of expressing her entire life gave birth to Be Right Back. It’s a complete fan-focused project.

“Be Right Back did exactly what I wanted it to do. It was a little waiting room, so people knew I was coming back,” Jorja said.

Jorja returned, ushering in a new chapter in her musical career that will entice and enthrall her fans as well as new listeners. And what has changed for her in the five years since ‘Lost & Found’ dominated the charts and the soundscape.

“I like the world I’ve just entered. And I’m still figuring things out. “I’m always figuring things out,” Jorja says. “This is the first time I’m putting stuff out there that I can connect with right now.”

It’s been a reflective and transformative transition into her mid-twenties. Despite an ever-changing musical landscape, she’s been able to step into herself and evolve as a songwriter and a woman.

While she acknowledges that the global pandemic has been completely devastating, she also acknowledges that it has allowed her to stop, to come more into herself, and to be more in control of who she is and what she produces musically.

Like some of the legendary musicians who came before her, Jorja sees the world’s chaos and disorder with resourceful, refined eyes and the glorious opportunity and enormous responsibility; that it affords.

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