Kaivon Washington, Casen Carver and Everett Lee Charged With Rape After Madison Brooks Death

Kaivon Washington, Casen Carver and Everett Lee Charged With Rape After Madison Brooks Death

Deputies have arrested four men in connection with an incident that eventually led to LSU student Madison Brooks being hit and killed by a vehicle in Baton Rouge earlier this month.

On Monday, East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office arrested and charged 18-year-old Kaivon Washington with third-degree rape, New York Post reports.

18-year-old Casen Carver and 28-year-old Everett Lee got arrested and charged as accomplices to third-degree rape as well. An unidentified 17-year-old got arrested and charged, but authorities won’t reveal his name because he’s still a minor.

Kaivon Washington claims he had consensual sex with Madison after leaving the bar with the guys. He also claimed he and the 17-year-old boy had sex with her in a backseat of a car while Carver and Lee were in the front seat.

Madison Brooks reportedly had a blood alcohol level of .319 percent at the time of her death, meaning she was highly intoxicated at nearly four times the legal limit, which throws Washington’s consensual sex claims out the window.

The LSU sophomore was “very unstable on her feet, was not able to keep her balance, and was unable to speak clearly,” Carver told authorities.

Casen Carver also claimed that Madison agreed to have sex and revealed she was too drunk to know what she agreed to do with Washington and a 17-year-old boy.

After they got done with her, the four men dropped her at an address she provided when she arrived at the address. Brooks was hit by a ride-share vehicle at around 3 am while walking on the road. She later died at a nearby hospital.

Under Louisiana law’s third-degree rape charge generally involves a victim who is ‘incapable of resisting or understanding the nature of the act because of a stupor or abnormal condition of mind. On another disturbing note, the suspects outside of Everett Lee were all underage but were allowed to consume alcohol at the bar.

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