Lindani Myeni: South African Man Gunned Down By Honolulu Police Officers

Honolulu Police Department released the body cam footage of former Rugby star Lindani Myeni tragic death. The Honolulu police officer responded to an apparent burglary where they shot and killed, Myeni.

A woman made an 911 call saying a man entered her home. The longer the phone call was, the more distressed she sounded.

Honolulu police don’t believe there was any wrongdoing that ultimately lead to Myeni death. They also alleged Myeni was violent.

James J. Bickerton and Bridget G. Morgan-Bickerton, attorneys representing Myeni family, filed a lawsuit on April 22nd against the three officers and the city, claiming wrongful death, negligence and assault and battery. The suit alleges that Myeni peacefully conversed with the Wangs and left the property. Police officers initiated the fight by aggressively ordering him to the ground with flashlights in his face and guns drawn without identifying themselves as law enforcement.

Lindani Myeni leaves behind his wife and two kids. Our condolences goes out to his family and friends.

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