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Madonna Shreds DaBaby For His Homophobic Comments

by Talia M.
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Madonna calls out DaBaby for his homophobic and sexist comments at Rolling Loud:

“I want to put my cellphone lighter up and pray for your ignorance…People like you are the reason we are still living in a world divided by fear.”


DaBaby has been dropped from UK’s Parklife festival in the wake of his homophobic comments, TMZ reports today.

People are not letting their foot off DaBaby necks as he continues to receive major backlash for his recent comments at Rolling Loud about the LGBTQ community and HIV/AIDS survivors. Celebrities such as Dua Lipa, Demi Lovato, Elton John and now Anitta have taken a clear stance against the rapper in the last days.

Anitta spoke out in support of the LGBTQ+ community and against DaBaby’s homophobic comments at Rolling Loud.

“I will always stand with my LGBTQ+ community. Also sending all my respect and support to stop any ignorance and stigma around HIV/AIDS.”

Now, fast fashion retailer boohooMAN has announced they will no longer be working with the award-winning artist.

DaBaby capitalizes on the backlash and controversy surrounding him by dropping off an outlandish and disrespectful new song and music video.

Following DaBaby’s harmful statements about people living with HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ people, as well as his inadequate apologies in response, GLAAD has released the following statement from DaShawn Usher, GLAAD’s Associate Director of Communities of Color:

“The rhetoric that DaBaby used is inaccurate, hurtful, and harmful to the LGBTQ community and the estimated 1.2 million Americans living with HIV,” said DaShawn Usher, GLAAD’s Associate Director of Communities of Color.

“It is critical that DaBaby and his fans learn that people living with HIV today, when on effective treatment, lead long and healthy lives and cannot transmit HIV. While DaBaby has made haphazard attempts to ‘apologize,’ actions need to be taken for full accountability and changes to do better in the future.

It further confirms what GLAAD reported last year in the State of HIV Stigma Study that stigma and misinformation around HIV is widespread, and there is much work to be done to educate the public, including entertainers.”

GLAAD and Gilead Science’s 2020 State of HIV Stigma Study found that only half of American adults feel knowledgeable about HIV and that high levels of perceived stigma around HIV still exist. About 90% of American adults agreed “there is stigma around HIV,” “people are quick to judge those with HIV,” and that “people make assumptions when someone is tested for HIV.” At a time when people living with HIV lead long and healthy lives, and cannot transmit the virus when on proper medications, only 60% of respondents believed HIV can be treated and nearly 60% wrongfully believe it is “important to be careful around people living with HIV to avoid catching it.” The survey also found that only slightly more than half of American adults had seen stories about people living with HIV in the media.

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