Malaysian Woman Claims She Caught Her Friend Breastfeeding Her Child Without Permission

Malaysian Woman Claims She Caught Her Friend Breastfeeding Her Child Without Permission

A Malaysian woman recently took to TikTok to detail her traumatic experience after being betrayed not once, but twice by a close friend.

TikTok user Afieqah revealed how she caught a female friend breastfeeding her baby without her permission.

The alleged incident happened during a family event in the first week of May, according to Afieqah. She did, however, admit that the betrayal had an emotional and mental impact on her. She also claimed that the incident has caused her to have trust issues.

Afieqah stated in the 3-minute video that she left her child, Haider, in the care of a friend for a short time because she was busy preparing for an event that day. She was surprised when she discovered her close friend breastfeeding her baby. The friend justified her actions by stating that the child was crying.

“It’s difficult for me to trust other people right now.” I’m very disheartened. I take good care of my children, making certain that no one kisses or hugges them at random because I’m afraid of them becoming infected with diseases. “But this close friend of mine went and breastfed my child without even asking for my permission,” Afieqah said in the video.

The young mother also mentioned that she had previously observed her friend breastfeeding her child.

“She was apprehended not once, but twice. I caught her breastfeeding my baby for the first time. My mother witnessed it the second time. “I’m having trouble getting it out of my head right now,” Afieqah said.

Following Afieqah’s video, many people took to the comments section to voice their opinions. Many people sympathized with her and were outraged by the behavior of this alleged “close friend.” Here’s what they had to say:

On TikTok, Afieqah’s video has received over 2.9 million views. However, she has not provided any further updates so far.

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