Marsela, a London based artist, has just released her brand new single ‘Unholy War’. The sound is undeniable; powerhouse vocals, an unforgettable chorus, epic lyrics that resonate like poetry.

‘Unholy War’, with its weaving saxophone motif, rhythmic keys and exceptional vocal delivery, is about the contradictions of inner conflict, a piece she wrote through improvisation. ‘This song is about the ups and downs of inner conflict. Making peace with something only to be disturbed by it again, and not being quite sure of what’s coming next. This is reflective of the way I wrote the song. I knew it was going to be special, but I could not make sense of what I was expressing until it was finished, and by that point, I think I understood myself better too’, Marsela explains. The sheer genius of the writing and composition of the track has allowed it to transcend the circumstances that her latest single has presented.

After the release of her seminal single ‘DARK DAYS” in March 2021, Marsela is embodying a new wave of British Soul, Jazz and R&B as we’ve never seen before. These overtones of empowerment and self-confidence are striking a chord and placing Marsela firmly as the new leader of the pack.

There’s something refreshing about the way Marsela is articulate in her lyrics and in conversation. It’s the type of confidence that people are born with but Marsela had to find within herself. When asked what it means to be a female artist “It is regardless of hurdles, being unapologetic and taking leadership over the expression”.

Marsela’s latest single released on June 10th, is a punctuation mark on this year and fans are invited to witness what is sure to be a sensational 2022.