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Meet The New Characters In ‘Elite’ Season 7

by Diana Wilson
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Netflix is pleased to unveil an exquisite glimpse into the highly anticipated ‘Elite’ Season 7, gracefully gracing screens worldwide on October 20th.

Prepare to be captivated by a tumultuous narrative that surpasses all expectations. Behold the arrival of intriguing new characters, destined to ignite a fervent storm within the upcoming chapters.

Introducing CHLOE (Mirela Balić), a captivating addition to the esteemed halls of Las Encinas. With an innate appreciation for scandalous tales and the allure of explicit videos, she effortlessly captivates those around her. However, beneath this mesmerizing facade, we uncover a vulnerable young woman burdened by the weight of an unhealthy bond with her mother.

CARMEN (Maribel Verdú): A captivating and refined presence, Carmen exudes an alluring charm, reveling in the luxuries of life. Occasionally, she may find herself unaware of her boundaries, engaging in a subtle rivalry with her daughter, Chloe, as they both seek to captivate with their daring fashion choices and cultivate new connections within the esteemed circles of Las Encinas.

ERIC (Gleb Abrosimov): Eric embodies the essence of rebellion within Nico’s lineage. He is an embodiment of unrestrained freedom, an ardent adversary of societal norms, and an innate force of anarchy. Beneath his audacious demeanor, Eric conceals deep-seated fears, profound insecurities, and an incessant inclination towards self-sabotage.

MARTÍN (Leonardo Sbaraglia): He is the esteemed patriarch of the family, Isadora’s father, whose triumphant return heralds the restoration of his rightful reign over the family empire. However, as the layers of his intricate plan delicately unfold, it becomes evident that his strategic resurgence is not mere happenstance, but rather veils a mysterious web of clandestine rivalries.

JOEL (Fernando Líndez): Joel, a steadfast beacon of resilience, persists despite the relentless challenges life has thrown his way. With unwavering humility, he navigates each day, cognizant that his aspirations are confined to the present. However, a serendipitous opportunity emerges, offering him a transformative chance to chart a completely new trajectory in his existence.

Omar, bearing the weight of Samu’s tragic demise, steps foot once again into the hallowed halls of Las Encinas. A profound sense of trauma still lingers within him, threatening to consume his very being. Yet, amidst this darkness, Joel emerges as a beacon of unwavering support, a steadfast presence guiding him through the labyrinth of his pain. Only time will tell if this alliance will prove potent enough to exorcise the haunting specters of Omar’s past.

May I humbly present to you a proposition that is both refined and compelling: ??? (Anitta): ???

The inclusion of esteemed veterans in the upcoming seventh season promises to ignite captivating conversations. Iván, Isadora, Rocío, Dídac, Nico, Sonia, Raúl, Sara, and other beloved characters shall grace this new installment, serving as beacons of authenticity and resilience, reminding us that life’s hues extend far beyond the rosy tint we often perceive.

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