Motto, Martell Holt & Mayor Beverly Burks will Grand Marshal Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2023

Motto, Martell Holt & Mayor Beverly Burks will Grand Marshal Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2023

Between May 26th and 29th, the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival, which is organized by the Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association (ACCBA), will take place.

The announcement that Clarkston, GA Mayor Beverly Burks and American Reality TV Star, Producer, and Entrepreneur Martell Holt will join St. Lucia’s Motto as co-Grand Marshals of the 2023 festivities gave the renowned Memorial Weekend festival a huge boost of mainstream buzz.

The celebration’s 36th release will carry genuine Caribbean energy to the midtown center of the city of Atlanta and will bring St. Lucia’s way of life into the center with Proverb, one of the island’s most conspicuous Soca artists musicians, makers, and entertainers filling in as Co-Grand Marshal of the motorcade as well as performing at the ACCBA’s key Festival occasions which incorporate the official J’ouvert occasion at Atlanta’s Silverbacks Arena Park on Friday, May 26th from 9 AM to 6 PM.

The St. Lucian Soca Star referred to for hit tunes, for example, ‘Pariah’, ‘Enormous Ride’, ‘Shots’, ‘One Lady’, ‘Uber Wherever’ will likewise perform at the post-march show at the Westside Park on May 27th and will furthermore get a declaration from the city of Atlanta for his commitments to Caribbean culture.

Martell Holt, Motto’s co-Grand Marshal, will bring some mainstream and pop culture attention to the Carnival weekend.

Holt, who is a previous educator and current land investor and local area pioneer is most popular for featuring on OWN Organization’s famous reality series ‘Love and Marriage: Huntsville’.

Joining Motto and Martell Holt in Terrific Marshal obligations is Beverly Burks, the Chairman of the city of Clarkston, Georgia, and an enthusiastic compassionate person.

Patricia Tonge Edigin, president of the ACCBA, stated, “Motto is very deserving of this honor, he is the top artiste in St. Lucia and he promotes his island” regarding Motto’s participation in the Carnival. He is a very humble artist who makes working with him simply. He is the perfect Grand Marshal for our celebration of St. Lucia this year, which is a beautiful island.

She stated, “In addition to the positive correspondence with him, the reason why we picked Martell is because of his love for his children.” about the selection of Martell Holt for the upcoming Carnival celebrations.

Recently, all we see in the news is the abuse of children. He prioritized his children regardless of his circumstances as a single parent. Our 2023 festival is truly blessed to have him and Mayor Beverly Burks, who is a true community advocate and major proponent of diversity and inclusion.
The Atlanta Caribbean Carnival is a fantastic showcase of Caribbean culture in the city’s metropolitan area and a major source of revenue for Atlanta.

The events will include Motto, a large cast of performers from across the Caribbean, a few well-known Carnival elements, and a wide variety of the beloved cuisine of the region.

From May 26 to May 29, 2023, experience Atlanta Caribbean Carnival takes place.

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