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Who is Norri Jane? Well, if we could mix the Wu-Tang Clan, with their fondness for Asian themes and civilizations, then add a little Lauryn Hill – you’d get awfully close to the petite Blasian beauty that is Norri jane. Jane has been making music since she was a child, including performing for the Pope in grade school. Making strides to now having an album out, with many other projects in the mix, Norri Jane is on the road to being a great breakout artist, with a multifaceted collection of work that is intended for those who can truly appreciate art mixed with soul. Her newest album “Soul Minded Individual” was released this month and in an interview with Where is the Buzz, Jane told us all about where her artistic inspiration stems from and why she’s out to create music that resonates on a soul-level.

WITB: Who is Norri Jane?

NJ: Norri Jane is who I am as a performer. When I perform, she comes out. Norri Jane is more so the spiritual side of me, when I’m Norri Jane, I’m more in tune with my music, I’m more creative, I just become a better artist when I tap into that side of myself – so she is my alter ego. It’s the duality.

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WITB: “So, how do you tap into this other side?”

NJ: I’ve always been into the arts – I went to LaVilla Middle School of the Arts. I sung for the Pope at 13, and that experience was the spiritual awakening for my music. It all worked out. It was like, here’s this huge spiritual figure and here I am as a child growing into an artist. A light bulb went off then.

WITB: “Describe your genre?

Neosoul. I’m a neosoul vocalist. Neosoul vocalist means I sing from my soul. Every song is a piece of my soul. Every song isn’t cookie-cutter soul music but it’s from the depths of my being – it’s real.

WITB: “Your music is like spoken word and singing, how does that happen?”

NJ: I write poetry so when I write my songs, I put a lot of that into my music. So many people want to hear a singer’s natural voice because it’s genuine – so that’s what I do. I’m very genuine.

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WITB: “What is the inspiration?”

Experience. I’m going through a unique transformation in my life and everyone isn’t fortunate to go through that. I’m transforming from one lifestyle to the next. Even being in VA, I’ve been re-exposed to the arts. There are so many artists here – fine artists, producers – I just respect and receive any art form that I’m around. Being as artistic as I am, I just take it all in. I’m an actress, I do voice-acting, I paint, I can make jewelry, I play the guitar – I’m just a really well-rounded creator.

WITB: “So who have you collaborated with?”

NJ: T. Cooke just released his album, “7 cities” on Oct. 12th so I did a track on that called “Oceanfront.” A lot of his music is in heavy rotation. I work with a lot of artists. I’m on an EP with A-Mac called “Come and See.” I’m featured on “come and see” and “no space.” That was different, it was great. I did Shagg Fest this year which is major for VA. I learned a lot, I met French Montana, it taught me a lot – artists are people too that’s what’s so important. I perform all around the 757 – Norfolk, Virginia Beach. There are phenomenal artists here. I also work with Who is Johnny Creative and they are a great team of creators that did the video for my single “bound to Move” and I starred in the short film “The Healer.”

WITB: “Within the next two years, where will you be?”

NJ: Another album will be out very soon. I’m going to be working on a full-length, full-production film and I really want to submit to Sundance. I’m producing and directing plus, I’ve written a book so hopefully in two years, that’ll be wrapped up. You might catch Norri Jane anywhere, maybe even Broadway (hint hint). I’m just transitioning. I’m moving to Cali soon, then I’ll spend some time in London. It’s no telling where I’ll be by then so you’re literally witnessing the evolution of Norri Jane!

You can stream Norri Jane’s album “Soul Minded Individual” on Tidal, Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora.

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