When good and evil clash, everyone enjoys an epic showdown.

The trailer for the upcoming Netflix action series Bloodhounds gives a glimpse into the thrilling fight that takes place when two rookie boxers find themselves throwing punches outside the ring in a fight for justice.

Up-and-coming boxer Gun-woo (Woo Do-hwan) and fellow competitor Woo-jin (Lee Sang-yi) form a friendship after meeting in the finals of a boxing championship.

When scheming loan sharks from Smile Capital trick Gun-woo’s mother into debt and trash her café, Woo-jin feels compelled to help her avenge her.

Gun-woo and Woo-jin use their boxing skills to take down Smile Capital’s cruel head honcho, Kim Myeong-gil (Park Sung-woong), and his ruthless runners with the help of President Choi (Huh Joon-ho), a retired legend in the moneylending industry.

Bloodhounds Still

Bloodhounds Still

While the pair of “brothers”‘ are only novice boxers, the grit, and determination these underdogs honed inside the ring could be the game-changer in their bloody battle. They bite down and never let go, just like bloodhounds.

Bloodhounds, which premieres on June 9, promises to deliver a series of thrilling fight scenes that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. But it is a story about two loyal friends—and the lengths they will go to protect those they love—rather than a nail-biting battle between good and evil.