New Orleans music legend Dave Bartholomew dies at 100


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Trumpeter, composer and producer Dave Bartholomew died Sunday morning at the age of 100. Here he’s pictured with his protégée Fats Domino in 1999 and at a 2014 documentary premiere with Dr. John, another New Orleans legend who passed away only two weeks ago.

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

Photo Courtesy of Twitter

He is basically the reason there was a music business of any kind in New Orleans at all. It’s not insane to say that he was a big reason why there’s even rock and roll (that thing you guys like so much!) at all. He was the king! RIP Dave

One hundred years and a marvelous life, but still, this is a bad run for New Orleans and the Rampart Street crew that invented and perfected a little something called rock ‘n’ roll.

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