Latto Throws Shade at Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj in Latest Single ‘Sunday Service’

Latto Throws Shade at Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj in Latest Single 'Sunday Service'

Latto, known for her unabashed approach, released her latest single “Sunday Service” on February 9th, using the chance to pay homage to female rappers from various generations, including those with whom she is currently feuding.

The single, which was produced by Bankroll Got It, Go Grizzly, and Pooh Beatz, has noteworthy bars that appear to be directed at fellow rapper Ice Spice, replying to Spice’s recent diss track with a smart twist. Latto argues that the song is more than just a response to existing feuds; she describes it as a tribute to the evolution of female rap.

In a recent interview with Gillie Da King and Wallo, Latto expressed her perspective, stating, “It’s really like female rap from then to now. I feel like we the topic of the conversation. We the whole movement right now. So it’s really like a homage to female rap from then to now, even them b***hes I’m beefing with. You know what I’m saying? We all doing our thing.”

The song, which has been touted since January, is the latest installment in a supposed lyrical spat between Latto and Ice Spice that began last year. While neither artist has specifically identified the other, fans believe their collaborations can be traced back to recordings like Spice’s “Butterfly Ku” and Latto’s verse on Offset’s “Fine As Can Be.”

Notably, “Sunday Service” may not be just aimed toward Ice Spice. Fans are thinking that Latto also mentions Nicki Minaj, with whom she had a public Twitter conversation in 2022. Latto’s scathing words in the song could be construed as a direct response to Minaj’s previous remarks.

“These bhes corny, soon as monkey see, then you know monkey do,” Latto asserts in her lyrics. “Do you rap or do you tweet? ‘Cause I can’t tell, get in the booth, bh.”

“Sunday Service” is a bold statement from Latto, praising the diversity and power of female voices in the rap industry, especially in the face of ongoing conflicts, as fans impatiently anticipate the official music video, which drops today.

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