Nurse Caught on Camera Replacing Opioids with Saline, Self-Injecting Fentanyl at Work, Cites ‘Hearing Voices’ in Disturbing Case

Nurse Caught on Camera Replacing Opioids with Saline, Self-Injecting Fentanyl at Work, Cites 'Hearing Voices' in Disturbing Case

A nurse in Houston, Texas, is at the center of serious allegations in a shocking incident that has sent shockwaves throughout the medical community. Alexis Joann McNeilly was fired after being accused of stealing opioids from a hospital automated dispenser, according to Law & Crime.

Between March and May of 2023, McNeilly is said to have diverted hydromorphone and fentanyl from a hospital vending machine for personal use. The startling revelations came to light during a routine inventory check conducted by a vigilant fellow nurse.

During this period, McNeilly allegedly not only replaced drug vials with saline solution but also injected herself with fentanyl while on duty, raising concerns about the safety of patients under her care.

Houston law enforcement was brought into the picture when an FDA agent alerted them to the case on May 25. A subsequent inventory audit by the hospital’s pharmacy manager, conducted five days later, confirmed the gravity of the situation.

McNeilly was found to have dispensed medication not prescribed by attending physicians, introducing “adulterated medicine” into circulation, putting unsuspecting patients at risk.

The allegations take a disturbing turn with surveillance footage from April capturing McNeilly injecting herself with a fentanyl syringe. Authorities claim that she brazenly returned to work after this self-administered dose. When confronted about the incident, McNeilly allegedly attributed her actions to extreme personal stress and anxiety, admitting to taking the medications.

Subsequent drug testing conducted by the hospital revealed McNeilly’s system positive for Morphine, Hydromorphone, and Marijuana. This revelation further fueled concerns about the nurse’s fitness for duty and the potential jeopardy posed to patients under her care.

The gravity of the situation reached its peak when McNeilly was fired from the hospital and subsequently arrested at her home on the day after Christmas. Legal proceedings ensued, leading to her release on bond.

However, stringent conditions accompany her release, including electronic monitoring, a drug patch requirement, and a curfew from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. These measures reflect the severity of the allegations and the potential risks associated with McNeilly’s actions.

The case raises broader questions about the safeguards in place within medical institutions to prevent such egregious breaches of trust and patient safety.

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