Arizona Woman Files Lawsuit Against Plastic Surgeon, Alleging Drunken Operation Resulted in Excessive Skin Sagging

Arizona Woman Files Lawsuit Against Plastic Surgeon, Alleging Drunken Operation Resulted in Excessive Skin Sagging

An Arizona woman named Wendy Ellsworth has filed a lawsuit against plastic reconstructive surgeon Dr. Bradley Becker, alleging that he operated on her while intoxicated, causing her distress and unintended consequences.

Dr. Bradley Becker, renowned for specializing in “breast and body” procedures, finds himself at the center of controversy, with local reports and his Instagram bio featuring prominently in the New York Post’s coverage.

Ellsworth’s ordeal came to light during an interview with Phoenix New Times, where she expressed the emotional toll of the alleged botched surgery, stating, “It’s hard to feel like you can go out when you feel like Frankenstein.”

Undergoing a tummy tuck and breast reduction procedure, Ellsworth took legal action against Dr. Becker in September, filing a lawsuit in Maricopa County Superior Court. The charges include accusations of “medical negligence,” “battery,” and “intentional infliction of emotional distress.”

In a troubling revelation, Ellsworth shared suspicions of Dr. Becker possibly smelling of alcohol before the surgery. Despite her concerns, she proceeded with the operation after payment.

The lawsuit details Ellsworth’s dissatisfaction, highlighting excess skin that she believed should have been addressed during the surgical procedure. Prior to the surgery, she already sensed something was wrong, impacting her social life as she withdrew from family gatherings and resorted to concealing the extra skin with tight undergarments.

A critical moment arose when Dr. Becker deviated from the usual pre-surgery marking process, immediately ushering Ellsworth into the operating room. This departure from standard procedures further fueled her unease.

The financial repercussions of the ordeal were significant, with the initial procedure costing $16,000. Ellsworth had to endure an additional $25,000 for a corrective procedure. To cover the expenses, her husband took on a second job.

In response to the initial complaint, Dr. Becker vehemently denied consuming alcohol before surgery. He maintained that the procedure met the standard of care, as reported by the Phoenix New Times. The legal battle now unfolds in Maricopa County Superior Court, shedding light on a case that raises questions about professional conduct in the medical field.

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