Raphael Andre, a 51-year-old Innu man, was found dead Sunday morning inside a portable toilet in Montreal.

Andre was a homeless man and he would spend most of his time at a homeless shelter, The Open Door. He was there the day he passed away, according to executive director Mélodie Racine. The shelter had to kick him out due to the health authority protocols which forces the shelter to close at 9:30 p.m. The shelter is usually open 24/7 but with the COVID-19 spreading like wildfire, the government is being more cautious.

The shelter staff is speaking out against Quebec’s current regime of public health rules. Racine believes if they didn’t have to force COVID-19 protocols he would have stayed longer.

“What I know is that if he was not asked to leave, he would have probably stayed inside,” she told CBC.

Heather Brunet, who works at the shelter, spoke out and confirmed how Andre passed away.

“He froze to death in the porta-potty… when he could have been here, but instead, because of these [public health] regulations, we weren’t allowed to have clients here overnight.”