Paige Bids Farewell To The WWE Universe

Former WWE Divas Champion Paige has said her farewell to WWE fans after penning an article for The Players Tribune. One of the company’s biggest stars has been struggling with neck issues these past few years which many believe the WWE didn’t want to resign her after her contract was up.

Paige who officially goes by Saraya (real name) now still has her sights on the ring. Although she’s leaving the WWE. The wrestling star could be seen in an AEW ring shortly.

During a recent Twitch stream, she was asked several questions from her fans about her future. Saraya said she wants to return to the ring soon, and dropped some hints that AEW could be her next destination.

Saraya could jump to AEW if the money is right. Until she decides to make that move. Recently, a WWE fan implied that Saraya was a “shitty” person and wrestler on Twitter. The fan even implied that Saraya’s next move would be only fans. Saraya responded via Twitter saying “I would make a killing on OFs (Only Fans)” and then showed a gif of her raising the WWE Divas championship.

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