GAWD, a rising R&B duo, delivers a heavenly sonic experience on their latest EP, ‘Cathedral City,’ which is out now. The girls are keeping the momentum going after the release of their latest single “Two Hot,” and proving why they’re up next.

Listeners can now fully immerse themselves in the world of GAWD with their new EP ‘Cathedral City,’ which features a mesmerizing collection of tracks that take listeners on a sonic journey unlike any other.

GAWD paints a complete picture of storytelling and the labor of love that went into the entire project from start to finish, accompanied by the music video for “NVM.”

The unique thematic inspiration behind the EP ‘Cathedral City’ is its heart and soul. The project’s sounds and vibes can be described as heavenly, thanks to executive producer Stanley Randolph.

The Raedio signees form an unstoppable force. GAWD’s creative collaboration began in the desert, where their surroundings instilled an otherworldly aura in their music.

“Subsequently all the music we began to make sounded very heavenly with lots of reverberating harmonies that sounded like it was recorded underneath the high ceilings of a cathedral,” GAWD says. “This concept gave way to our name and informed the type of sounds we gravitated towards.”

The resulting harmonies lay the groundwork for their distinct sound. In fact, this idea not only inspired their name but also guided their musical direction.

‘Cathedral City,’ in GAWD’s words, transcends the ordinary. GAWD invites listeners into a world where they and all of us exist as complex, nuanced beings, embracing a rich tapestry of sounds, genres, roles, and archetypes. It’s a portrayal of themselves as the main characters in their own stories, with flaws, complexities, pettiness, evolution, and everything in between.

“We wanted to imagine a world where we existed as nuanced and varied beings, in all sounds, genres, roles and archetypes, GAWD says. “We wanted to see ourselves as the main characters in our own stories, flawed and complex and petty and evolved and everything in between.”

In terms of this year, GAWD has been on a roll. Fresh off supporting Becky Hill on tour at The Fonda in August, and set to perform at Rhythm & Vibes in Los Angeles on September 23rd, the band’s future looks promising.

Keep track of their progress. Stream ‘Cathedral City,’ and watch the music video for “NVM” below.