Texas Police Will Investigate Officer Who Slammed Nimitz High School Student Into Lunch Cart

Nimitz High School

The Irving Police Department (IPD) is investigating a school fight and use of force incident by Irving officers that occurred at Nimitz High School on September 21, 2022.

Footage showed at least six students fighting in the school cafeteria around lunchtime. One police officer stopped one student that was fighting by grabbing him by his throat and choke slamming him into a lunch cart. The officers eventually broke up the fight and detained the students who were fighting.

The officers that broke up the fight were assigned to the school to help prevent any school shootings this year.

The Irving Police Department issued a statement that says: “Irving officers used force to separate the parties involved in the fight. The Irving Police Department reviews every use of force to ensure policies and procedures are appropriately applied. We have seen video clips from this fight shared on social media and an internal investigation has begun. We have communicated with Irving ISD and a family member of one of the involved students and will complete our investigation promptly. One officer will be reassigned while the incident is under review.”

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