Footage Shows SWAT Team Shooting Jason Harley Kloepfer

Footage Shows SWAT Team Shooting Jason Harley Kloepfer

A video of a SWAT Team in North Carolina shooting a 41-year-old man disabled man last year is circulating on social media.

On December 12th, 2022, Cherokee Indian Police Department SWAT Team opened fire on Jason Harley Kloepfer when they executed a search warrant after they received a call about a disturbance with several gunshots fired at 1790 Upper Bear Paw Road, according to Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office statement.

The Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office statement also claimed that “the suspected shooter (Jason Harley Kloepfer) engaged in a verbal altercation with officers and emerged from a camper trailer and confronted officers. Members of the Cherokee Indian Police SWAT Team fired upon the suspect and wounded him.”

From the footage released inside Jason Harley Kloepfer’s house, it appears that the police lied in their statement. Kloepfer got out of his bed to see what was going on outside of his home with his flashlight. When he opened the door, the police told him to put his hands up, which he started to do, and that’s when they began to shoot at him. Jason immediately hits the floor in his home and starts to scream, “I’m shot,” while his significant other is trying to help. The SWAT team goes inside his house to check it out and finds nothing. Next, they dragged him out to assist him.

Jason Harley Kloepfer got transported to Erlanger in Chattanooga, Tennessee, where he was in stable condition, according to the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office statement.

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