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The recipe for perfect drinks? Maldivas residents tell you

by Talia M.
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If it weren’t for Milene (Manu Gavassi), Kat (Carol Castro), Raíssa (Sheron Menezzes) and Verônica (Natalia Klein), maybe the Maldivas condominium, in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, was not so hectic. Let Liz (Bruna Marquezine) say it, coming from Goiás. At condo meetings or by the pool, the four residents are a hurricane when they come together. Even in the privacy of their apartments, where appearances are not deceiving, they are striking and full of nuances like their favorite drinks.

If you’re thinking about living in the Maldivas, better get to know your future neighbors in depth!

Milene (Manu Gavassi) is the woman with the perfect body thanks to her “perfect” husband, the plastic surgeon Victor Hugo (Klebber Toledo). She is always impeccable and instagrammable. She is also the condo manager who does everything for the well-being of the Maldivas’ residents… but based on mysterious movements, like a good imported lychee caipirinha… without sugar!

On the other hand, Rayssa (Sheron Menezzes) is effortlessly sexy, a solar and extravagant woman like a Piña Colada. Former axé dancer from the 2000s, she managed to reinvent herself and become a successful businesswoman with her husband Cauã (Samuel Melo), lead singer of the ex-band. But her marriage is a brand that sustains her business and that’s why the closet her husband hides in needs to be under lock and key.

And what about Kat (Carol Castro)? With a happy married life, she is known for being a great mom not only to her kids but to her friends as well. But when she covers up her husband Gustavo’s (Guilherme Winter) money corruption, it’s not easy to know if it’s because she’s in love or if her family’s finances are at risk. After all, money can’t be a problem for her, right Kat? She is so obvious, like a glass of Rosé.

She also has Veronica (Natalia Klein), who differs from the others for being a bit gothic and with a sharp sense of humor. She’s a Bloody Mary type – you either love her or you hate her. She is always at Milene’s feet, trying to discover her secrets, and was Leia’s best friend. But who said that makes her less suspicious of the fire that killed Liz’s mother?

Oh, and of course… how not to mention Liz (Bruna Marquezine). Abandoned by her mother at age 5 after a traumatic event, she leaves Goiás and moves to the Maldivas with a mission to find out what happened to her mother, killed in the fateful fire of the condominium. But she won’t be able to find out without getting involved with the Maldivers – and who knows, even become one of them with her gin and tonic in hand.

Your favorite drink, I mean, your favorite character arrives on Netflix on June 15th in Maldivas. Produced by O2 Filmes, with general direction by José Alvarenga and direction by Daina Giannecchini, the series has 7 episodes. Cheers!

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