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The Top 25 Women’s Finishing Moves Dominating WWE Right Now

by Talia M.
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Finishing techniques are the cherry on top of a wrestler’s show in the thrilling world of WWE, frequently leaving spectators speechless. Here’s a list honoring a few of my top finishers from the amazing female superstars of WWE:

1. Bianca Belair – KOD (Kiss of Death)

Bianca Belair’s KOD is a testament to her incredible strength and athleticism. The move involves lifting her opponent onto her shoulders and flipping them into a facebuster, making it both impressive and devastating.

2. Tiffany Stratton – PME (Prettiest Moonsault Ever)

Tiffany Stratton’s PME showcases her agility and grace. This finishing move, a picture-perfect moonsault, highlights her gymnastic background and leaves her opponents floored.

3. Liv Morgan – ObLIVion

Liv Morgan’s ObLIVion is a dramatic rope-assisted flatliner. Using the ropes for momentum, she drives her opponent’s face into the mat, embodying her rebellious and high-energy persona.

4. Rhea Ripley – Riptide

Rhea Ripley’s Riptide is a powerful pumphandle slam that showcases her brute strength. This finisher leaves no doubt about her dominance in the ring.

5. Naomi – Split Legged Moonsault

Naomi’s Split Legged Moonsault is a breathtaking move that combines athleticism and flexibility. Launching off the top rope, she splits mid-air before crashing down on her opponent.

6. Sol Ruca – Sol Snatcher

Sol Ruca’s Sol Snatcher is an innovative and high-flying maneuver. It perfectly fits her dynamic style, ensuring that her matches end with a bang.

7. Kelani Jordan – Split Legged Moonsault

Kelani Jordan also employs the Split Legged Moonsault, showcasing her gymnastic prowess and adding her unique flair to the high-impact move.

8. Zoey Stark – Z-360

Zoey Stark’s Z-360 is a spinning GTS (Go to Sleep). It’s a swift and lethal combination of agility and precision that leaves opponents dazed.

9. Katana Chance & Kayden Carter – Keg Stand

Katana Chance and Kayden Carter’s Keg Stand is a unique and collaborative finisher. This tag team move highlights their chemistry and teamwork, ending matches on a high note.

10. Candice LeRae – Wicked Step Sister

Candice LeRae’s Wicked Step Sister is a brutal curb stomp. This vicious move exemplifies her tenacity and willingness to go to any lengths to secure victory.

11. Jade Cargill – Jaded

Jade Cargill’s Jaded is a powerful sit-out facebuster. Her incredible strength and dominance are on full display as she lifts and slams her opponent with authority.

12. Gigi Dolin – Gigi Driver

Gigi Dolin’s Gigi Driver is a tiger driver that combines technique and power, making it a fitting end to her matches.

13. Carmella – Float Over Facebuster

Carmella’s Float Over Facebuster is a stylish and effective move. Her agility allows her to quickly transition into this facebuster, catching opponents off guard.

14. Unholy Union – Assisted Gory Flatliner

The Unholy Union’s Assisted Gory Flatliner is a devastating tag team maneuver. It combines the strengths of both members to deliver a punishing end to their opponents.

15. Kairi Sane – Insane Elbow

Kairi Sane’s Insane Elbow is a thing of beauty. Her precision and height from the top rope make this elbow drop one of the most visually spectacular finishers.

16. Shotzi – Never Wake Up

Shotzi’s Never Wake Up is a fierce DDT variation. This move is as intense as her persona, ensuring her opponents are down for the count.

17. Nia Jax – Annihilator

Nia Jax’s Annihilator is a powerful Samoan drop that highlights her immense strength. This move makes a clear statement about her dominance in the ring.

18. Becky Lynch – PumpHandle Slam

Becky Lynch’s PumpHandle Slam combines technique and strength, perfectly aligning with her gritty and determined character.

19. Roxanne Perez – Pop-Rox

Roxanne Perez’s Pop-Rox is a quick and impactful code red maneuver. This finisher is a testament to her agility and ring awareness.

20. Lola Vice – Spin Kick

Lola Vice’s Spin Kick is a swift and decisive move. Her martial arts background shines through, delivering a knockout blow.

21. Kiana James – 401k

Kiana James’ 401k is a sophisticated and tactical finisher, reflecting her calculated approach to her matches.

22. Maxxine Dupri – Queens Suplex

Maxxine Dupri’s Queens Suplex is a high-angle German suplex that showcases her technical prowess and strength.

23. Piper Niven – Abyss of Niven

Piper Niven’s Abyss of Niven is a running crossbody that leverages her power to flatten her opponents with impressive force.

24. Chelsea Green – UnPrettier

Chelsea Green’s UnPrettier is a forward-facing facebuster that emphasizes her creativity and flair in the ring.

25. Jacy Jayne – Spinning Forearm

Jacy Jayne’s Spinning Forearm is a high-impact strike that can turn the tide of a match instantly, demonstrating her striking ability.

These finishers not only define the superstars who perform them but also add an extra layer of excitement to WWE’s women’s division. Each move is a blend of the wrestler’s unique style and their physical prowess, making them unforgettable moments in the ring.

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