Tik Tok User Claims She’s “White Passing” and Faces the Black Experience

Tik Tok user n0peaiyanna has gone viral after posting she was black and started to explain her family origin. Many people on the platform wanted answers from her. One Tik Tok user asked if her parents was fully black. She answered by saying neither of her parents are fully black then goes into depth about her family origin. (WATCH HERE) After that video went over a million views. She posted another video defending her family. She claims her grandmother is Jamaican but perms her hair. The girl also showed a picture of her great grandfather (who’s black) and claims her grandfather was in the black panther party. (WATCH HERE) In the next video, she goes into depth about how she’s a white passing person and says she will never be “systematically oppressed” because of the way she looks. She also claims she still will face racist encounters with icky people. (WATCH HERE) The girls said she misspoke by saying she experiences the black experience and clears it up by saying she experiences the mixed experience. (WATCH HERE) What are your thoughts on this situation?

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