The Chiefs All-Pro receiver has been away from team activities while the NFL reviews allegations of domestic abuse involving his fiancé Crystal Espinal and their son. Much of the allegations hinged on audio of a private conversation between Hill and Espinal, but it wasn’t until this week that the public had access to the unedited version. In it, Hill denies the allegations and maintains that he was not guilty of a 2014 incident involving Espinal, despite pleading guilty and receiving probation.

In 2014, Tyreek Hill was arrested after a then-pregnant Crystal Espinal accused him of assault. Hill pleaded guilty to domestic assault and battery and sentenced to three years of probation along with other treatment stipulations. The incident, which he denies in the newly released audio, had a severe impact on his draft stock in the 2016 NFL Draft. Hill and Espinal’s son is at the center of the newest allegations against HIll.

“You (expletive) ruined my life and you lied in 2014… I didn’t touch you in 2014. I would put that on everything I love, bro. That’s the real truth”

– Tyreek Hill in the full 11-minute audio recording.

Personal Takeaways:

– Hill is adamant he didn’t hit Espinal in 2014, which she neither acknowledges or pushes back against.

– There are possible explanations for that beyond “he didn’t do it,” but still. That’s No. 1 for me.

– Espinal is adamant Hill punched the child and that the child tells “everybody and anybody that you broke his arm.”

– This was a bad insurance policy for Espinal. Hill sounds frustrated as hell, and genuine in everything he says.

– Hill: “I would never ever hurt my son in life.”

– Man, it’s weird. They’re talking about all this stuff then, “Yeah, we’re business class.”

– KCTV5 News messed up. Should’ve released this whole thing in the beginning.

– The Chiefs and league have heard this audio and more.

Today is proof that media has a lot of power and can be dangerous. Regardless of opinion or even the truth in the Tyreek story, KCTV5 news INTENTIONALLY editing out parts of the story to shape public perception is shameful. Thanks to 610 Sports KC for at least giving the full context.

A lot to unpack here, but worth noting: Lisa Friel and the NFL’s investigators had the full audio recording months ago, per source. So, no new revelations today from the league’s perspective. They interviewed Tyreek Hill last month and the investigation is ongoing.