Why Alicent Hightower Is Worse Than Cersei Lannister?

Why Alicent Hightower Is Worse Than Cersei Lannister?

We are heading into episode seven of ‘House of the Dragon’ first season, and Alicent Hightower is already worse than Cersei Lannister. No, Alicent isn’t as villainous as Cersei, but she’s just flat-out annoying.

Yes, Cersei and Jaime had an incestuous relationship. She also had King Robert Baratheon, Missandei, and many others killed. She blew up everybody in the Great Sept of Baelor, which was a great scene, and I can’t be mad at her for it because they had her messed up. She got revenged on Ellaria Sand for killing her daughter with her poison. An eye for an eye isn’t necessary but understandable. Her hatred for Tyrion and tormenting Sansa was very unnecessary. Let’s be honest right now. We all knew Cersi wasn’t going to get involved with The White Walkers. Her actions throughout the series show us how she always tries to be one step ahead of her enemies.

Cersei Lannister is that person we all know that is flakey and always looks for ways to ascend in their life, even if it’s stomping on other people to do it. It’s sad, but it is easy to identify these people. The crown is a competitive sport to her she would do anything to protect it. We all probably hated Cersei but respected that ruthless Queen.

Alicent Hightower married her best friend’s father to rise to power and then treats her like shit. It truly is the audacity for me. Why did she demand to see Rhaenyra’s baby within a minute of her child being born? She also shamed Rhaenyra because her breast was leaking, which is something she should understand.

While shaming her, she decided to shut down a smart marriage proposal that would have kept her older boys safe. The obsession Alicent Hightower has over Rhaenyra is starting to become annoying. She also conspired to get Lyonel Strong, and Harwin Strong burned to death. We aren’t even out of the first season of ‘House of the Dragon.’

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