WOMAN OF THE DEAD – Bestseller adaption coming to Netflix on January 5th

WOMAN OF THE DEAD - Bestseller adaption coming to Netflix on January 5th

Undertaker Blum (Anna Maria Mühe) has to deal with death daily, but when her husband is murdered, she is completely thrown off and seeks revenge.

Based on Bernhard Aichner’s bestseller, Woman of the Dead shows one of the most extraordinary female characters of recent years – an unconditionally loving wife and mother as well as a ruthless predator. In her search for the killers, she becomes increasingly cornered herself and must face the abyss of her harrowing past.

The co-production of Netflix and ORF already had its successful premiere in Austria as part of ORF’s TV programming. The six-part series was produced by Thomas Hroch and Gerald Podgornig for Mona Film as well as Benito Mueller and Wolfgang Mueller for Barry Films and is a co-production with SquareOne Productions (Al Munteanu).

Nicolai Rohde serves as co-executive producer. The script was written by Barbara Stepansky, Benito Mueller, Wolfgang Mueller, Mike Majzen, and Nicolai Rohde, who also directed the series. Stephan Burchardt serves as director of photography.

Aside from Anna Maria Mühe, the cast includes Felix Klare, Yousef Sweid, Shenja Lacher, Robert Palfrader, Simon Schwarz, Andrea Wenzl, and Wolfram Koch.

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