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‘Zombieverse’ Season 2 Unveils Full Cast

by Diana Wilson
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The highly anticipated second season of the South Korean hit series “Zombieverse” has unveiled its full cast, promising viewers another thrilling ride through the zombie apocalypse mixed with humor and heart. Building on the success of its debut season, the show is gearing up to expand its universe and introduce new challenges for its ensemble cast.

Among the fresh faces joining the cast for Season 2 is CHO SAEHO, celebrated for his comedic prowess and quick wit, ready to inject his charm into the zombie-ridden world. Alongside him is Defconn, known for his strong presence in the hip-hop scene, TAEYEON, a versatile singer with a passion for the undead, and Yook Sung Jae, a multi-talented idol set to bring his skills to the survival table. Adding to the mix is Code Kunst, a hip-hop artist with a scientific twist, and KWON EUNBI, hailed as the “it-girl summer queen” with a captivating presence. Also joining the fray is Kim Seon Tae, known locally as the “Chungju Man,” infusing the show with a unique regional flavor, and Andre Rush, a former White House chef and U.S. Army veteran renowned for his formidable stature and culinary expertise.

Returning to reclaim their stakes in the Zombieverse are familiar faces like Ro Hong-chul, the enigmatic villain from Season 1, Lee Si-young, known for her resilience and leadership, DinDin, the action leader with quick decision-making skills, and Dex, a former special forces operator bringing tactical expertise to the forefront once more. Additionally, TSUKI and YIOMBI PATRICIA return, each with their own brand of courage and strategic thinking.

The second season is expected to expand beyond the streets of Seoul, venturing into a larger and more perilous world overrun by zombies. With upgraded quests and tougher adversaries, the cast must rely on their wits and teamwork to outsmart and survive in the face of escalating danger.

Helming the production once again are directors Park Jin-kyung (My Little Television) and Moon Sang-don (Welcome, First Time in Korea?), ensuring that the new chapter of this reality show delivers the same blend of suspense, strategy, and humor that captivated audiences in the first season.

Fans can expect to be entertained and hooked by the adventures that await in “Zombieverse” Season 2, streaming exclusively on Netflix. So, buckle up and prepare for another wild ride through the zombie-infested landscape.

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