Every year celebrities wild the hell out on Halloween to trick or treat and to show off their costumes. It’s already a guarantee that one of them will break the Internet with their outfits. Here are some of our favorite looks from celebrities this year.

Lori Harvey dressing up as the early 2000s Beyoncé is running away from the competition. She has given too much to us already, and we simply can’t handle it.

Latto dressing up as Corpse Bride for Halloween was f*cking stunning. She body all of it and some more.

Coco Jones channeled her inner ISIS from Bring It On. Jones is a cheat code because she looks gorgeous, so if she dresses up as the IT girl, it’s hard for the other women to compete. So please, Coco Jones, let us breathe next year.

Lili Reinhart, Madelaine Petsch, and Camila Mendes dressing up as The Sanderson Sisters for Halloween has been very underrated and deserves more love from everybody.

Kylie Jenner was born to shit on her sisters because the Bride of Frankenstein costume for Halloween was a glamorous look.

I am biased because I’m a Keke Palmer fan and everything she does is gold, including dressing up as Rapunzel and Rogue for Halloween.

Skai Jackson as Janet Jackson for Halloween deserves more respect because she ate that and left no crumbs.

Alicia Keys as Beerus from Dragon Ball Super for Halloween was a look. I think I could be biased because I think Beerus is badass. I will show love for any celebrity dressing like him.

Tyga as E.T. was well thought out and creative, it’s not my favorite look, but I’m satisfied with it.

Diddy as Heath Ledger Joker was great, but he was in character with it for the parties. Many might think he’s not far away from the Joker.

X-Men’s Storm might be a cheat code because Chloe Bailey and Javicia Leslie ate and left no crumbs.

Paris Hilton as Sailor Moon has been on my mind all weekend because I adore this look.

I’ve been on the fence about Halle Bailey and DDG. At first, I wasn’t a fan, but now I’m digging the couple vibe.

We still got tomorrow, so I will be adding to this list but let me know your thoughts right now.