21-Year-Old Blessing Olusegun Death Still Remains a Mystery in 2021

Blessing Olusegun was a 21-year-old woman, who was found dead on a beach in Sussex after going for a walk. She was at Bexhill-on-Sea working on placement work as a Live-in caregiver for the elderly who suffer from dementia and other mental and physical health issues for a week. 

Olusegun last conversations was around 12:30am, she sent text messages with her boyfriend and her close family friend. “Asking to stay on the phone to her as she goes for a walk” Which did not occur. As she sent a text saying “nevermind” Her last message to her family friend was at about 01:25 am on the 18th September.

The same morning, her close family and friends were alerted that she had gone had gone missing (NOK) meaning she didn’t get back to the patients home. The family was informed by the police officer at Sussex police station that they found Blessing iPhone, slippers a couple meters away from her body.  Her death was reported to her mother at her house at about 2:30pm on the same date.

The care agency she worked with didn’t have any useful explanation.

The family was informed by the coroner stating that “Blessing autopsy results came out as Inconclusive. The corona was unable to determine the precise cause of death and that the burial for Blessing Ayomide Adetutu Olusegun should take place immediately”

The police stated the CCTV camera witnessed her walking by the beach and doesn’t show anything else. There was a total of ten CCTV camera in the area and only one “shady” camera shot shows Blessing.

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