Ashanti and Nelly’s Viral Video Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

Ashanti and Nelly's Viral Video Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

Following Nelly’s Black & White Charity Ball 2023 in St. Louis, the internet is buzzing with speculation about a possible baby on the way for the reunited power couple, Ashanti and Nelly.

Ashanti, the revered R&B singer, placed her hands on her belly after a performance, and her boyfriend, Nelly, joined in by affectionately rubbing the center of her stomach, according to videos from the charity event, which took place on December 4th.

As the couple shared a laugh, the audience chanted “seal the deal,” leaving fans wondering if they had just witnessed a pregnancy announcement.

Since they rekindled their relationship earlier this year, the chemistry between Ashanti and Nelly has been palpable. Following their initial romance from 2003 to 2013, the couple reconnected, publicly confirming their reunion at the MTV Video Music Awards in September 2023.

“We’re in a great place,” Ashanti shared on the red carpet at the awards show. “I think it’s pretty obvious. Yeah, we’re together.”

The couple has been showing off their joy, with Ashanti even surprising Nelly on his birthday with his childhood car at a lavish birthday party. While there have been no discussions about marriage, if the recent viral videos are accurate, the couple may soon be embarking on a new chapter as expectant parents.

While fans speculate about the rumored pregnancy, only time will tell if Ashanti and Nelly are indeed expanding their family. For the time being, the internet is buzzing with excitement, capturing every detail of this potential new chapter in the couple’s love story.

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